Support Social Justice Community Organizing in the Rural South

Through our grantmaking programs Southern Partners Fund provides diverse opportunities for donors to give to support social justice organizing in the rural South.


For General Operating Support

By Issue Area
Voting Rights/Voter Engagement
Education Reform
Immigrant Rights
Environmental Justice
Economic Justice
Healthcare Reform
Disability Rights
Youth Development
Women and Girls

By Grantmaking Program

Regular Grants for General or Project Support
Discretionary Grants for travel, technical assistance or training
Justice Fund for Disaster Relief and Renewal

By State

Southern Partners Fund makes it easy for you to give to causes you support.

Five Easy Ways to Give


One Time Cash Gift / Re-occurring Cash Gift
When deductions are itemized donors may claim a tax deduction of up to 50% of adjusted gross income during the year in which you give. Or by mail, Southern Partners Fund, 1776 Peachtree Street, NW 200S Atlanta, GA 30309.


Bequests can be made to the Southern Partners Fund in three ways:
  • A specific dollar amount, a percentage of the estate, or the residual that remains after all other bequests are made;
  • As an unrestricted gift to be used as directed by the Board; or,
  • To establish a fund in the donor's name.

Life Insurance

Life insurance policies may be made as gifts by naming the Southern Partners Fund as the owner and beneficiary. The donor receives an immediate tax deduction approximately equal to the cash surrender value of the policy. Any premiums thereafter paid by the donor are deductible for income tax purposes. Insurance proceeds can be specified as an unrestricted gift or used to create a new fund.

Individual Retirement Accounts & Retirement Plans

Donors may designate IRA’s and retirement plans to SPF by naming Southern Partners Fund as the beneficiary for unrestricted use or to establish a fund in the donor’s name.


Southern Partners Fund can receive appreciated securities that are deductible at their full market value up to 30% of adjusted gross income each year when deductions are itemized. Securities that can be accepted include publicly traded stocks, bonds and mutual funds. SPF will liquidate the securities and no capital gains tax is paid on the appreciated part of the gift.

Real Estate

Please contact SPF to learn more about how gifts of real property (land, homes) can be accepted.

For additional instructions on how to give please contact Rose Johnson 404.541.9091 Ext 124.